SynthesizerThe Tempelton Studio is located in the vibrant heart of Berlin. It is a versatile establishment and has gained recognition as an inspirational creative space for musicians, producers and multimedia artists.Our expansive control room (130 sq m)offers exceptional acoustics.  We have created a vocal booth within the control room, and when coupled with the adjacent Supersonnig-Studio, our all-ínclusive studio offers the ideal space for recording single tracks as well as small ensembles.


CompressorFrom the technical aspect, we are equipped with a constantly growing collection of state-of-the-art analogue and digital equipment. If, for some reason, our technical supplies shouldn’t be adequate for prospective projects, we are in close touch with our pool of equipment providers to adjust our studio to meet the complex needs of the everchanging multimedia population.We have an eclectic collection of instruments and amplifiers, as well as cabinets to suit a variety of sound requirements. The experience of the past years has shown us how very important it is for a studio to create a relaxed atmosphere in order to produce a quality result.


Detail des StudiosWith this in mind, we have created our unique living room type atmosphere to enhance feelings of comfort and ease.  The connected kitchen and bathroom add to this ideal space, thus allowing complete concentration for artists to work on any project.We have our own experienced studio staff, however, you are welcome to bring your own producers and technicians.